Portfolio Administrator

Portfolio Administrator

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Krisi Siu

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, a multicultural and fast-paced city, which led me to learn a different language and culture in college.

I moved to California in 2004 for school and work, graduated from UCLA, majoring in Asian Humanities and International Development, and continued to explore cultures and language learning outside of work.

Following my studies, I realized I needed to be financially self-sufficient, and I began to think about how I could generate my wealth. I decided to return to business school to build up my knowledge in finance and completed my MBA degree with a focus in Finance and Accounting.

After my education in California, I relocated back to Hong Kong to join my family. I started to work in the finance industry in a brokerage firm within client service, where I built up experience in different financial products. In 2022, I decided to move to Vancouver with my family and start a new chapter; shortly after, I joined Dixon Mitchell as Portfolio Administrator.

Outside work, I enjoy travelling, cooking, and studying languages and cultures.