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Dixon Mitchell’s overriding philosophy reflects our belief that the best service we can provide clients is to watch over their wealth as we would care for our own. This commitment is reflected in our rigorous equity research process, our prudent approach to fixed income management, and the way we blend these disciplines to meet the unique profile of each private and institutional client.



When working with private clients, our aim is to help families and individuals identify risks and opportunities over three broad timeframes:

Today – are you putting enough away now to fund the future you envision? If investment assets are already acting as a source of income, how much can safely be withdrawn each year and how will this distribution stream weather inevitable market setbacks?

Tomorrow – will the portfolio generate sufficient growth to offset inflation and support your investment plan over its expected time horizon? Is liquidity available to meet unforeseen capital needs?

Beyond – is a financial legacy important to you? If so, are your assets structured to efficiently fund your specific estate or philanthropic goals?

Before we recommend and implement the “what” of an investment plan, we want to understand the “why” behind its purpose. The time we spend getting to know our clients and keeping up with changes in their lives allows us to match our work to each unique profile and adjust portfolios as circumstances and objectives evolve.


Dixon Mitchell’s institutional clientele is principally represented by three broad sub-groups:


Over the course of two decades, our team has built and refined an investment process aimed at protecting capital and generating stable returns.

Performance is only part of a comprehensive financial solution, however, and our recommendations always flow from a thorough discovery of each client’s unique objectives and constraints.

Though every institution we work with is unique in its history and objectives, our engagement with each begins the same way. The discovery process that launches the relationship is aimed at interpreting the organization’s investment policy, assessing its funding sources and distribution requirements, and understanding the profile and concerns of its stakeholders. With this background, we construct customized investment programs that reflect the client’s current needs and circumstances, then modify these plans as needed over time.

Our systematic approach to investment and the cash flow bias of our philosophy provides an effective balance between the income requirements faced by most institutions and their common need to generate long term asset growth. Because Dixon Mitchell is employee-owned and investment management is the only service we provide, our decisions are not subject to outside influence nor to the potentially competing interests of other internal departments.

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