This document summarizes the periodic returns for each of DM’s mandates and includes an update of portfolio highlights. Click on the PDF icon above to download the current edition.


DM Canadian Equity Portfolio

The DM Canadian Equity Portfolio comprises shares of Canadian companies selected on the basis of valuation, strong free cash flow generation, high return on invested capital, and recognized industry leadership. Portfolio goals include: consistent and rising dividend income, asset stability, and relatively low position turnover.

DM Foreign Equity Portfolio

The DM Foreign Equity Portfolio is managed according to the same criteria as the DM Canadian Equity Portfolio, but invests strictly in the shares of US and foreign companies listed on major North American exchanges

DM Balanced Portfolios

DM balanced portfolios are created by combining any of the above equity mandates with our fixed income allocation at the asset mix most appropriate for the client’s investment profile and risk tolerance. DM limits fixed income holdings to investment grade corporate and government bonds and adds value through duration adjustment, credit analysis, and liquidity management.


DM Small Cap Fund

The DM Small Cap Fund is designed to provide investors with superior long-term rates of return by investing in the common shares of small and mid-capitalization North American companies. Stocks are selected on the basis of management strength, valuation, and strong cash flow generation. The fund is used as a complement to other DM equity mandates to increase capital growth in diversified client portfolios.