Associate Investment Counsellor

Associate Investment Counsellor

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Helen Lo

I grew up in Brunei Darussalam, in a small town without a single traffic light. Weekends were spent on the sandy shores by the beach. My parents instilled the values of hard work and education and encouraged my siblings and I to chase our dreams and turn them into reality. I joined a typing class meant for adults at the tender age of 12 so I could help my father typeset and design layouts for printed material in a family-owned printing business. I still remember carrying around a typewriter that was half my body weight! Time management was crucial as I juggled school, work, and sports.

I left for Sydney, Australia, to finish high school and university. I took to carrying around a map to help my friends understand where I was born – as the expression goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. While working towards my degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance, I held a part-time marketing job, which involved navigating eight lanes of traffic crossing Sydney Harbour Bridge to get there!

After graduating, I left for Canada to pursue a career in finance. I started as a management trainee at a major financial institution but quickly moved to discretionary portfolio management. After nearly three decades in the investment management industry, I remain passionate about helping clients find solutions to their long-term wealth. I thrive in helping map strategies and plans for my clients, carefully considering their unique objectives and needs. By providing clients with a strategy, I can continue to help them understand and navigate their goals and needs as they transition through their different chapters of life. I joined Dixon Mitchell in 2023 as I value their holistic approach to investment management.

In my spare time, you will find me on the golf course or cheering on the Vancouver Canucks. I also spend time volunteering for various charitable organizations. I believe in the power of enrichment, and if I can help one soul navigate the labyrinth of life, I am grateful.